Everything I Learned Working with Google and PRX to Create, Grow and Make Money with Your Podcast!

Discover your purpose and develop it into a purpose-driven podcast that will empower you and impact thousands of listeners.

Discover your target audience and reach listeners who genuinely care about your podcast. "Who is my audience?!" A question you'll never have to stress over again.

"Riches are in Niches." The problem is discovering a niche that aligns with your purpose. This Masterclass will teach you how discover it, which will enable you to thrive in your environment.

Learn how to create a sustainable podcast that you can produce consistently and make money with. There are multiple ways to make money, but we will show you the best.

About Me

Corey Paul is a creative entrepreneur who grew up in a low-income neighborhood of Houston, Tx and used music as a tool to turn pain into purpose. He amassed more than 6 million streams, performed internationally, and released two Billboard charting albums.

In 2020, he founded the "1M and Co" podcast network and it changed his life! Since then, he has worked with Google, PRX, and grew his show's global ranking to the top 5% out of more than 2 million podcasts. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he's a husband and father to two beautiful baby girls.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • 2X "Google Podcast Creator"
  • Top 5% globally ranked podcast
  • Rewarded more than $25,000 from podcasting