Course Overview and Expectations

Here are the seven steps we’re going to cover in this book to bring your podcast from idea to a full season:

  1. Know Your Purpose: This is the high-level, philosophical stuff I was just talking about. It’s 100% fundamental to your success as a podcaster, so I’d encourage you not to skip through it thinking you don’t need it cause you’ve got your money-making idea already.
  2. Discover Your Audience: This podcast journey is not just about you. You’re making the podcast, but you’re making it for other people—your audience. You’ve got to get to know them real well if you want to be successful.
  3. Start Making Your Podcast: Things get a bit more technical in this chapter, covering equipment, software, and choosing a podcast host. You’ll also learn how to map out a season and determine your workflow. 
  4. Create Your Podcast Brand: Your podcast isn’t just a podcast, it’s a whole brand. It represents you, your story, and your message to the world. So I’ll cover all-things marketing, promotion, advertising, and branding so you can gain visibility and influence. 
  5. Launch Your Podcast: It’s go-time. You’re ready to now launch your podcast. I’ll discuss just how to do it and how to create an effective launch strategy.
  6. Make Money From Your Podcast: To sustain your podcast, you need money. This chapter covers all of the ways you can monetize your podcast and will help you select options that are best for you and your specific context. 
  7. Keep Going: Sustainability & Growth: A podcast is not just set-it-and-forget-it. You need to put in work to keep growing and become sustainable. I’ll walk through the ways to do this and how you can measure success.

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